A young & enthusiastic jewellery wholesalers in Hong Kong

Founded in 1994 and restructured in 2006, Charming Jewellery Ltd. is a manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of high-end jewellery. The products are made of K gold with diamonds, precious stones and pearl.

As a young, enthusiastic and energetic jewellery wholesaler, Charming Jewellery is committed to providing quality products and attentive services. To enhance our competitiveness, our design team is actively developing different types of products to meet the requirements of different geographical customers.

In the future, our company will continue to invest and adopt innovative technology to bring in exciting designs and products for our customers in different markets.



Our factory relocated in Shenzhen, China where is equipped with advanced equipment, high-tech production technology and 3D design technology to produce new and fashionable jewellery. In order to meet different clients’ needs, more than 100 new designs are launched each quarter. The production line is led by experienced craftsman and has 200 professional production personnel with an annual output of 100,000 pieces.

The newly established facilities and strengthened production stream contributing to our high production capacity and superior quality.



Our mission that we have chosen to adopt is:

We will strive to provide the best quality products and services at the most valuable pricing available.

We will do everything in our power to ensure our staffs are provided outstanding levels of services to our customers.

We will aspire to enlarge our market share and enlarge our customer base in the market.

Our Market